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Enecta is a company specialized in the field of cultivation and extracts of hemp Sativa L. since 2013. The main objective is to ensure quality, safety and efficacy to our products, combined with a conscious and responsible experience to be shared with customers, partners, suppliers and collaborators.

In order to achieve this goal, we pay care and attention to all the phases that constitute the production process, from the beginning (our seed) to the end (our extract), we adopt the GACP (Good Agricultural and Collection Practices for medicinal plants) guidelines and the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) protocols, with the aim of having a quality production that respects all the principles of hygiene and proper management of our plant material.

This allows us to offer safe products to the consumer, establishing in advance the highest standards of quality from the point of view of hygiene and safety, preserving the purity of our hemp.

We cultivate industrial varieties of hemp Sativa L. with a high level of CBD and CBG, but with a percentage of THC less than 0.2%, in accordance with current regulations.

Enecta Genetics: certified seeds with high CBD content

As we all know, seed is the starting point of a successful crop and an important risk management tool. The quality of the seed and genetics is the watershed for the success and quality of the crops. It is important to ensure a homogeneous cannabinoid profile, a healthy and abundant crop and satisfactory yields, guaranteeing stability and safety in terms of performance, using quality raw materials.

Enecta is therefore pleased to present two new varieties of hemp Sativa L., available as certified hemp seeds, ideal for outdoor but also for indoor cultivation:

  • Enectaliana, with high content of CBD (Cannabidiol): 5-8%
  • Enectarol, high in CBG (Cannabigerol): 4-6%.

These two genetics (whose rights are held by Enecta BV) are born from the passion for research and innovation and the desire to find more suitable solutions for crops and the industrial hemp market:

  • High cannabinoid content, higher than the percentage we usually find in the biomass market, which translates into higher productivity;
  • Higher and constant yields, which also translate into significant savings;
  • Homogeneity of production, both in the life cycle of the plant and in the content of active ingredients;
  • Research for an interesting and varied terpene profile, stability and genetic purity.

All this translates into a quality, safe and effective product, a solution suitable for both industrial and consumer needs.

Enectaliana and Enectarol will soon be admitted in the “Common Catalogue of Varieties of Agricultural Plant” of the European Union.

A certified seed is synonymous with safety and quality, because it has passed several quality standards, multiplication processes, inspection and cleaning to ensure a suitable and stable product, for which all the characteristics are defined (e.g. origin, homogeneity, varietal purity etc).

Certifications are necessary to cultivate hemp according to the law and are synonymous with guarantee and compliance with the quality requirements established and in force.

Moreover, in order to obtain a certification, the varieties of agricultural plants must possess unique characteristics not found in other varieties, so as to represent an improvement and an innovation at an agricultural-industrial level (e.g. higher yield, resistance to diseases, insects, parasites or adverse environmental conditions, cultivation methods, etc.). Ascertained the uniqueness and purity, THC levels, health, stability (ability to maintain unchanged its characteristics) and homogeneity (the plants are similar to each other and do not present significant differences).

The quality of the seeds, therefore, is guaranteed through a long process that follows the different phases of the life cycle of the plant, through several intermediate steps characterized by sampling, analysis and tests.

Only once a variety has successfully passed all the necessary tests can it obtain certification and be considered safe and of high quality.

We follow the path of our seeds through all stages of production and distribution, committing ourselves to respect the high standards of safety and quality set, with a continuous improvement of each stage of production. We ensure that each seed is healthy and ready to be planted, keeping track of every aspect, from the birth of the seed to its arrival at the customer.

We guarantee the homogeneity of each lot (divided by variety, handling and processing characteristics and date of production) and have developed the appropriate seed handling and shipping conditions to ensure safe and quality seed lots at all times.

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